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Special Hobby 48116 Seafire Mk.XV „Far East Service“ 1/48

The kit contains three sprues with grey plastic parts, one sprue          
with clear parts, decals and photo-etched parts. The included
plastic parts will allow building either version equipped with “A”
hook or with later “Stinger” arrestor hook. The fuselage
 features both finely engraved panel lines and over plating.
Decals included offer four machines with later arrestor hook
version. The machines sport the so-called Pacific insignias
and differ from each other mainly in camouflages.

Special Hobby 48125 Seafire Mk.15 „Aéronavale

Service“ 1/48

The plastic and photo-etched parts are the same to previous kit
but as the name says the decals are different.
Decals included offer three machines with earlier “A” arrestor
hook version. All machines feature newer version of British
naval camouflage. The combination of this camouflage and
French national insignias creates fancy, colorful machines.

Special Hobby 72206 TT-1 Pinto „US Navy Trainer“1/72

The kit contains two sprues with plastic parts and 
injected canopy. Decals included offer four US Navy
overall orange machines with different markings
specifically if the machine served for service or flight

Special Hobby 72220 TT-1 Pinto „Civilian Service“ 1/72

Civilian Service box offers same plastic parts with different
decals. The latter offers four markings - machines with
Silvester cat or Tweety bird on the fin, overall blue machine
with smoke discharger on the wingtips and white machine
with color stripes.